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European Academy of Costume

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Brillant ideas for future outings [Aug. 27th, 2009|12:17 pm]
European Academy of Costume

1870s bath suits in famous 19th century french resort town

1890s dinner in an old house (need to find a house to accomodate everyone)

1870s-1880s evening to the Opéra Garnier

Crinoline picnic at the Buttes-Chaumont (proposed by green_martha)

Steampunk. Somewhere. Ideas ? (proposed by green_martha)

1910s. At the Sea ? (proposed by fiofiorina)

Any other brillant idea you wanna share ?
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Announcement ! Time to prepare for the next Bustle in Paris ! [Jul. 30th, 2009|06:06 pm]
European Academy of Costume

Time indeed to begin thinking of our next bustle outing.

Please mention when you will be free for it begining March 2010.

green_martha and myself are in for the 1870s, what about you ?
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2009 events [Apr. 22nd, 2009|10:59 pm]
European Academy of Costume

[Current Location |Paris apartment]
[mood |curiouscurious]

I am trying to plan my costuming for 2009. I'm new to Paris from California. What are the best European events to attend this year and are any of you going? The time periods that interest me are late 14th c. to 1900. Here are a few that I've found that look interesting:

June 21 Vaux le Vicomte
June 21-22 Henry VIII coronation weekend, Hampton Court Palace
June 27-28, July 4-5 & 10-12 Kentwell Tudor Re-creation
July 25-26 Battle at Azincourt
Aug 29-31 Joust at Hampton Court Palace
Sept 12-13 Ville Cremieu medieval banquet & concert
Oct 24 Banquet at Azincourt

I hope the Poe outing was a success! I've been hoping to see some pictures posted here. Thanks for your input and I look forward to meeting at a sewing circle, museum outing, or costume event!

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Poe event in Paris [Mar. 2nd, 2009|09:48 pm]
European Academy of Costume


It's time to finally settle a date for "Poe". It will be the Sunday 29 march (95% sure) well here goes the 5% of uncertainity : what woukld you say of the 5th April ? The date depends a lot of the date when green_martha will be allowed to travel by her her doctor (hey, we want her to have an healthy baby !), but she will certainly be there on the 29th.

For memories, the rules :
- The costumes can be in a 1809-1849 time span : Edgar Poe's dates of birth and death. It would be fun to have a little bit of everything. (For my part I will try to finish my 1848 dress on time ; green_martha will be in 1826.)

_ We're going for the gothic (it's Edgar Allan Poe, darlings !) : we will go to the Père Lachaise Cemetary, so think of coats and shawls if you're wearing one little light dress ; and the Carnavalet Museum (I will ask if they accept us, but I've been told they accept costumed people, AND, it's free, except for the temp exhibit), and the quarter of Saint-Paul/Le Marais around with it's beautiful old streets (it's the old Middle-Age/17th/18th Paris) and the garden of The Forney Library to take pictures in (if we arrive before it closes, around 17h/18h).

- The More the Merrier ! I will need to know how many we will be (3, I guess, like always) to present our case to the Carnavalet Museum.
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Escapade in France (if you speak french) [Sep. 10th, 2008|08:33 pm]
European Academy of Costume

One very smart girl in Brittany is organising a week-end escapade. It would be between the 8 to 11 november, and costumes 1780s - 1810. I think the only requirements are to speak french as some of participating people are allergic to english, and of course to present yourself as a nice girl (or boy). Because who want to wander with perfect strangers :)

For more information, you will need to register to read that french thread.

lisotchka and me will eventually be part of it.
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Association [Aug. 11th, 2008|12:45 pm]
European Academy of Costume

I'm lazily thinking of creating an "Académie du costume" Association (loi 1901) in the future (not right now !). It would be interesting to know which one of you would be interested in being members.

The interest of being an association is multiple :
_ a status that would help us organize costumed events in museums and other monuments without being regarded as nuts in corset.
_ a visibility in the french and european living history community. Which will also help us attract other members.
_ a springboard, on the longterm, to make our own Costume College in Europe.
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Doodle for Firenze 2009 [Jun. 23rd, 2008|11:20 am]
European Academy of Costume

For those who are interested:

I created a Doodle to fix a date - those who are interested by leave their possible dates here:
Monday  & Friday are travel days - if some would like to stay until Saturday, we could stay another night.
Due to exam schedules of many interested persons it's not May or September anymore but just September. (leaves some more time for sewing)

The doodle is not a subscription, just a tool to fix a date.


So long  :-)
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(no subject) [Jun. 20th, 2008|03:01 pm]
European Academy of Costume

[mood |creative]


I am not sure how many of you might be interested, as most of us are mainly in 18th century - but maybe someone is interested:

I am organising a 1500 Firenze week. That means - some Italian Renaissance lovers will meet in Firenze, where we will enjoy the city, the food, the various museums etc.

Due to temperature & tourist the dates discussed are either May 2009 or September 2009.
It's not on a weekend, but from Monday through Saturday (as we would like to enjoy the city and walk without being held back by huge crowds)

If it's of any interest, I could keep you updated :-)
Sunny regards from Switzerland
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Of course... [May. 28th, 2008|11:33 am]
European Academy of Costume

I should've known that something was going to come up and make life sour. I did get paid, but because of stupid rules I got paid a LOT LESS. Which means that I can afford very little this month and unfortunately no Vaux-le-Vicomte for me this year. I'll keep sewing though, I guess we can try to meet up later this year, when it suits everyone!
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Vaux-le-Vicomte 2008 [May. 19th, 2008|10:42 pm]
European Academy of Costume

Hello everyone, long time no see!

I have finally started sewing again and have already cut out and pinned all the parts for a new ensemble for Vaux-le-Vicomte. Though after such a long time of no sewing it feels as if I have forgotten all the basics so let us hope that it will come out looking good in the end.

But I would really like to know who is coming, if anyone is coming?
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